Bernardo Winery

2019 Moscato

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Once upon a time, the highest recorded sugar content in a Muscat of Alexandria grape was recorded right here at Bernardo Winery in the mid 1930’s. We were famous for the sweet whites and reds, probably due to the early tastes of san diego folk being what they were, and partially because that was what the majority of our wine was categorized as, everyone know you could get sweet delicious muscat at Bernardo Winery. We offer this bottle to not disappoint, with 2.5% residual sugar, and that classic muscat peat nose, there isn’t anything wrong with this bottle. We got these beautiful grapes from a very nice vineyard in Temecula, which isn’t our usual locale for grapes, and hit the crushpad with the very clear intent to make this a nice not-so-syrupy-sweet muscat that it would offend even the sweet wine drinks… fermentation was held to a very cool 42 degrees Fahrenheit so we could stop it when the yeast consumed the right amount of sugar, and left us with a little too.