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Winemaker: Ross Rizzo Jr. | Asst Winemaker: Matty Ward



2016 CHABLIS ~ $24 bottle, $10 glass
Blended white made in the Ol’ Italian style. Soft, light, semi-dry white wine. A blend of French Colombard and Chenin Blanc.

2018 VIOGNIER San Diego County $30 bottle, $13 glass
A slight deviation from the classic Rhone viognier, we decided to run this fruity, acidic white grape as a more refreshing, sharp and green-fruit-forward wine instead, teeming with satisfying tartness and similar to a new-world sauvignon blanc. Notes of green apple, sweet summer lemonade and pineapple guava

2019 VIOGNIER San Diego County $30 bottle, $13 glass
A slight difference in attention to detail in the vineyard can go a long way in the final bottle and this viognier is a shining example of that. With slightly more foliage cover and picking a little later, the fruit have given us some delicious flavors of guava, green banana, white peach, and almond. Wonderfully refreshing and great with light cheeses.

2016 CHARDONNAY $25 bottle, $10 glass
A balanced chardonnay that pairs perfectly with the warm San Diego sun. Fruity yet savoury, lightly buttery yet crisp. Citrus and hints of oak throughout. 

2019 PRIMAVERA  ROSADO San Diego County ~ Estate Vineyards $28 bottle, $11 glass
The gentlest, most refreshing rosado produced at Bernardo with notes of watermelon, strawberry and lime. A light blend of Syrah and Barbera makes this rosado balanced and drinkable in the summer sun.



2019 GRENACHE Rupe Vineyard  San Diego County *On Tap* $50 ½ gallon growler, $30 carafe, $12 glass
Light, fruit forward red wine similar to some of the best light Garnacha in the South of Spain. Delicious maraschino cherry with refreshing soft tannin.

2016 BURGUNDY ~ $24 bottle, $10 glass
Our Barbera and Mourvedre classic fruity red blend. A traditional red Italian table wine, our ‘Burgundy’ has been produced at Bernardo Winery since before prohibition age and named after this prestigious French region simply out of Old-California winemaking tradition.

2016 MERLOT California  $26 bottle, $11 glass
Robust Merlot reveals a deep purple color. Shows aromas of blackberry and spice with ripe, jam flavors of plum and black currant

2017 SYRAH Rancho Vino Vineyards Ramona Valley $36 bottle, $14 glass
From a high-quality vineyard comes a high-quality wine. Firm tannins and a delicious rounded story make this wine a great afternoon happy hour wine that will still stand up to rich cheeses. Enjoy young or let age 2 to 5 years for a deep acid-centric medium bodied experience.

2017 FRATELLI ESTATE Estate Vineyards San Diego County $36 bottle, $14 glass
Loaded with complex acid structure and savouriness, this blend from the granite-rich soils of our estate vineyards is in a long line of wine made from the grapes grown in this area. Notes of cooked blackberry, leather, tobacco, black pepper, black olive.

2017 ZINFANDEL faber vineyards San Diego County $36 bottle, $14 glass
Planted in this valley over 120 years ago, Zinfandel is a very versatile grape that grows well in our SoCal climate. Made in a more primitivo-style, this zin has notes of licorice, and plum on the nose with flavors of brown sugar, toasted oak and raisins.



2018 VINCENZO ROSADO San Diego County $28 bottle, $10 glass
A classic off-dry blush rosado reminiscent of yesteryears classic Bernardo Winery vin rose. Notes of strawberry, rhubarb, rose petal and honey.

2019 MOSCATO South Coast AVA $26 bottle, $11 glass
A light sweet favorite produced here at BW since before prohibition. Honeysuckle and peaches on the nose with a crisp sweetness to finish.



Flight of 3 wine selections off the reserve list for $36

Flight fee waived with the purchase of 6 or more bottles purchased to-go              

Take home a BW logo glass for $6 | 10% discount on 6 bottles, 15% on 12 bottles or more.

Winemaker: Ross Rizzo Jr. | Asst Winemaker: Matty Ward


San Diego County  65% Chardonnay, 25% Viognier, 10% Sauvignon Blanc
Barrel-aged and fermented, light skin contact, malolactic fermentation: all the great things that go into a very well-rounded and balanced vintage white wine. All San Diego County fruit, this wine is reminiscent of the mid-90s style Carneros chardonnay with notes of banana, toasted oak, buttered fresh bread, vanilla and sesame.      $75

San Diego County  - rupe vineyard – Escondido
Super fruity with light oak and classic maraschino cherry finish. Grenache grows really well in our microclimate here in north County San Diego and this wine is an example of how soft tannin, fruit and a balanced approach can be achieved thousands of miles away from this grape’s origin.  $75

San Diego County 
kotsios vineyard – escondido – cabernet franc
means vineyard – valley center – Sangiovese
  50% cabernet franc/ 50% sangiovese 
Meaning ‘lovers’ in italian, this super tuscan-esque blend of cabernet franc and sangiovese was a match made in heaven. Light red fruit on the nose with a deep mid palette body. Notes of lavender, pomegranate, raspberry, black pepper, toasted oak, vanilla.     $75

2014 SYRAH
San Diego County  bernardo winery estate vineyard – “la vista” - 85% syrah/15% petite sirah
A limited hand-bottled release of the small, herbaceous crop we get from our estate syrah vineyard. Planted in decomposed granite and sandy loam soil on its own roots, this syrah embodies its terrior: savouriness, volcanic rock and salts. Akin to coastal sicilian reds like Nero di Avola with primary notes of boysenberry, cassis, prune, and tertiary notes of steeped tea leaves and toasted oak.          $75

San Diego County - means vineyard – valley center – cabernet franc - 90% cabernet franc/10% syrah
This light, fruity, juicy Cab Franc is a perfect example of a warmer-climate red. Refreshing and floral on the nose with a satisfyingly full body on the palette. Notes of green pepper, black fig compote, maraschino cherry. 12 months on American medium-toast barrel.    $75

San Diego County - means vineyard – valley center
Cab franc is so versatile, and we explore that characteristic in this bottle. A light to medium wine similar to a central-italian red with bold notes of jalapeno and pomegranate juice on the nose and that signature red fruit palate pleaser. The shorter-than-usual time in oak offers a subtle light oak tannin, vanilla and raspberry finish. Here’s to another example of why 2017 was such a great vintage at BW!   $75

San Diego County - winter vineyard – bonsall
One of the most successful varietals we grow in San Diego, this petite sirah embodies its deep purple inky color and texture with notes of fresh honey, violet pedal, blueberry compote, growly tannin and deliciously balanced acidity perfect for sicilian-food-pairing goodness.      $75

ESTATE - San Diego County
A culmination of 3 generations of winemakers at Bernardo Winery, we are proud to present this luscious aged tawny port. Made with Tokay, Grenache and Muscat of Alexandria as the base wine and the brandy that was distilled here on property over 50 years ago. Rich caramel, butterscotch, oaky overtones on the nose with a broad mouthfeel. A unique bottle of collector-quality. (500ml)               $200



Items are made fresh daily, with local or estate-grown ingredients, just like back in the day.

Proprietor: Ross Rizzo Jr & Family

Executive Chef: Yakub Abowath




ARANCINI traditional fried rice balls, ground beef, peas, vodka sauce 12 (additional arancini +3)

BRUSCHETTA toasted focaccia, roma tomato, olive, garlic, pistachio, basil 18

WHITE BEAN & GARLIC HUMMUS red pepper flake, parsley, basil oil, crostini 14

PARMESAN FRIES garlic, parmesan, asiago, italian parsley, vodka sauce for dipping 8

MEATBALLS pair of homemade beef & pork meatballs, tomato sugo, mozzarella 10 (additional meatball +3)

ANTIPASTO BOARD cheeses, meats, chef’s seasonal selections, accoutrements 26



BW HOUSE candied walnuts, goat cheese, red onion, roasted tomato vin 14

BURRATA CAPRESE olive, cherry tomato, cucumber, jicama, red onion, arugula, olive oil & vin 16

GRILLED CHICKEN CAESAR grilled chicken breast, lightly grilled romaine, parmesan, house croutons, anchovy, lemon wedge 18



Traditional wood-fired pizzas. ~~~  Homemade dough and hand-tossed ~~~
Add Burrata +4  Add Prosciutto +4 Add Egg +3


MARGHERITA Fresh  basil, fresh roma tomato, mozzarella, olive oil 14

SAUSAGE & BROCCOLINI Broccolini, pickled lemon, bechamel, italian sausage, lemon oil, black olive 17

CALABRESE Calabrian pepperoni, mozzarella, sugo 16

THREE CHEESE asiago, mozzarella, goat cheese, sugo 14

WHITE PIZZA alfredo, chicken, peas, roasted red bell pepper, rosemary honey, asiago 17

CHICKEN PESTO  artichoke hearts, basil pesto, kale, kalamata olive, goat cheese 16

CALZONE DI CASA Chef’s Whim stuffed pizza 18



made fresh in house daily


VODKA SAUCE  aunt nina’s classic creamy tomato sauce, mozzarella balls  18 

SPRING BASIL PESTO  cherry tomato, pine nuts, grilled chicken breast 18

TOMATO SUGO & MEATBALLS beef & pork meatballs 20

HOUSEMADE LASAGNA  ricotta, mozzarella, sugo, beef & italian sausage 20


We ask that you enjoy our menu how it was intended.  Kindly, no substitutions.

Please inform your server of any allergies. Split charge of $5.

Parties of 8 or more may be charged a service charge of 20%
Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or
eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness

We support the minimum wage increase approved by the San Diego voters and state legislators.
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